The XREACT.ORG has been renowated!

It’s been more than three years since I started working on chemistry problem solver. It was quite a laborious, comparable to delivering a child. The first version of the service took around six months to complete, with most of this time being spent in the agony, which did not subside even during the sleep (I dreamed of debugging and ways to solve various problems). Yo you can imagine the size of that baby that had to be born out of my mind. Even in its most primitive form the core of the system is several thousand strings of code which are dedicated not only to solving chemistry problems, but also to showing a user how it was done

It left me drained, yet I was happy to see that people actually had interests in the results of my work and without doing any basic SEO or linkbuilding, I’ve quickly got around 2 thousand of visitors per month. But after the first version of the website I took a break, unfairly long one too and got myself involved into other things of our turbulent times.

Now though, it is time for my child to reshape, develop and take further steps. Much is planned, I hope to be able to bring everything into life.

Meanwhile please do enjoy the new website. I will be grateful for your comments and personal messages.

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