The most important commodity in 21st century

How do you think, what is the most limited resource of your life that you can never replenish, take away from others (wasting does not count) or obtain by any other way? You may find the answer rather trivial. It is your time. Strangely enough, but in our crazy times entrepreneurs around the world have learned to tap into this valuable resource and turn the time of your life into their profits.

The whole modern entertainment industry is built in such a way that it is fueled by views, likes, shares, engagements. In other words, this industry is fed by small fractions of consumer’s lives. Every view on the YouTube, every minute spent in meaningless casual smartphone game takes a little bit of time from you and turns it into a particular financial reward for content publishers. In this light, your smartphones and computers slowly turn into machines that process humans into profits.

These ideas might seem strange, but try to calculate how much time you spend by entertaining yourself online per day, per week, per month. Now compare that to time you have spent learning something useful (school aside).

You should always remember that you are the first choice for investing your time and efforts to. You continuously invest in yourself by learning new things and real-life skills, developing your relationships with the loved ones and by growing as a personality. In other words, you give away parts of your life for the increased probability to have a full, happy and successful life in the future. Yes, it is merely a probability, because all investments, even the smartest ones, are inherently risky.

So what now? Should you just give up all your activities online? Instead of giving them up, try to switch your focus to the content that can help you learn something interesting, new and exciting. Internet gives us almost unlimited resources for learning, there are plenty of online degrees you could get (google for Udacity, edX). Alternatively, you could just look for famous craftsmen and see the video tutorials that show how to make beautiful things (of pretty much any kind) from scratch! And then, who said that gaming is prohibited? There are some extremely interesting games playing which is pretty comparable to reading awesome books. There are tons of content online that can contribute to your personal development.

All I am saying now is that you should expand your interests, open your mind and your heart to the best things that this world can offer. And then you will realize that you live the full life when while creating new things and not consuming.

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